Welding machine - Bester 210d st inverter
Welding machine - Bester 210d st inverter

Bester 210 ND inverter

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Lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry welding machine with Anti-Stick function


It is a type of machine that is light, compact and easy to transport, it has the Anti-Stick function that prevents the electrode from sticking.

  • Continuous dimming simplifies the current setup process. Furthermore, it is a powerful machine and can be used with electrodes between 1.6 - 4 mm. It works in a regulation field between 10 - 160 A.
  • Its features also include: Hot Start (reduces the risk of sticking when the electrode and workpiece are cold, also facilitates priming and penetration) and Arc Force (keeps the intensity constant regardless of the arc length).

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