Battery MED 44Ah D
Battery MED 44Ah D
Battery MED 44Ah D
Battery MED 44Ah D

Battery MED 44Ah D

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MED battery 44Ah 12V D


High quality MED batteries

Quality Certification

These batteries are manufactured by a company with ISO 9001:2008 quality and ISO 14001: 2004 environmental certification

quality tests

All batteries, before going to the market, are subjected to a discharge test of up to 1500A.

Manufacturing control: All stages of product production are subject to strict and continuous quality rules.

High tech

Technologically advanced equipment allows the automatic identification and exclusion of defective products during the process.

Filling and capping, closing the lids, washing and cleaning the centers are automatic.

Batteries are formed in vats of temperature controlled water to ensure correct battery formation.

They are produced with grids obtained by melting, giving the plates maximum adhesion of the active material and also thicker plates with greater resistance to charge and discharge cycles.

lead-calcium technology

Excellent performance is also obtained and minimum maintenance is ensured, thanks to the use of a technologically advanced lead-calcium alloy.

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Até 60 Amp's

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